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Seth Shepherd
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States
Rock Hill, South Carolina

Everyday, I think about God and like to think that I am growing closer to him. I don't like to think of Christianity as a religion. It's too much to be just that. I don't know how to compile it into words, but I can start by saying that it is a relationship. A question that I've encountered is, "Why believe in God?" I ask , "Why not believe in Him?"
  • Since I was 13, I've attended church and listened to someone's interpretation of the Bible. I use to think that the Bible was another book, but learning more and more about it, I've come to realize that the Bible is not a book. The Bible is 66 books put together. These 66 books have 40 some different authors and were written over 1500 years. I don't read much but I know that there's never been a book like that in history. Now, I know that this doesn't make the Bible the word of God, but it does make it worth considering over all the others. It is also historically accurate. Archaeologists have used the Old and New Testament to find building, cities, and people that we otherwise wouldn't have been aware of their existence. Real people lived and experienced what they wrote about.

  • The Bible isn't just stories either. These stories have meaning. They talk about God's wrath and how He has touched His children. He, like a good father, tells His children what they are going wrong, and more importantly, that they're doing wrong. Think about it, try to name another religion that tells us that we are Sinners, that we are Dust. God doesn’t hold this against us. He forgives us and asks that we only recognize this. Try not to be sinless. Be aware and repent you sins. Don’t be selfish, think about other people first.

  • The idea of God is baffling. The best thing that I’ve ever been told is that I can have a personal relationship with the maker of the universe. That blows me away. No one nor nothing that’s ever existed can offer what God can. He offers purpose. Your purpose comes from God.

  • Back to the question that I mentioned earlier, “Why believe in God?” It’s hard to give a final answer, because every time I think about it, my answer changes. But what I’m thinking about now is not some story where I talk about me being where I am today. God could take everything away from me and I still wouldn’t stop loving him. I have chosen to live with God by my side. I’ve chosen a life that is true. I’ve never heard of a religion that tells it’s children they can find joy by helping and caring for others, that has a God who will forever love His children no matter how many mistakes we make, and offer eternal salvation from Hell. That’s why I choose to believe in God. He will always be with me, with my family, with my friends, and even my enemies. He teaches us that we can love one another. I think that any other god would’ve erases humans from existence by now.

And if you’re a person who thinks that God is cruel because He sends his Children to Hell, I’m telling you that you need to stop being ignorant and get your facts straight. God didn’t make Hell for people. Not for you, not for me, gosh, w…we’re not even worthy of a hell. It was made for the Devil and his angels. It just so happened that God worked it into the laws of the Earth, and into nature, and God said that if you decide not to put Him first, as His First Commandment said, Hell is where you’re going. That’s what awesome about Christianity and the Bible, they give you all the answers. So if you end up going there, know that it was not God that sent you there. Know that it was you, yourself and yourself only that chose this. So for all those who chose not to follow God, you will one day know the mistake that you’ve made, and you’ll know it forever. Scary? Yes, it's terrifying, if you choose to look at it that way. I have chosen to see God as my way out of Hell. He only asks for us to follow Him and His word. God is the fulcrum in which I distinguish the difference between what is right and what is wrong. Everyday I grow, and every minute I feel his hand on my shoulder telling me that no matter what, He will always love me and will never let me go. Even if you choose not to follow Him, you are still His child, He is still your father and He will always love you, but forgiveness only applies if you accept it. So "Choose today who you will serve. But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." [ Jos 25:15 KJV ]



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